North Coast Integrated College – the Ideal Choice

On Monday 8th January, North Coast Integrated College hosted a very successful Open Night with a large turnout of prospective pupils and their parents in attendance.

Visitors were given the opportunity to view the facilities, hear about the exciting new developments at the College, and to meet teachers, support staff and pupils. They also witnessed and participated in an array of demonstrations and workshops which were used to showcase the vast selection of subjects on offer.

In her address to parents and future pupils Mrs Passmore highlighted why North Coast Integrated College is the ideal choice for post primary students, “North Coast was set up 22 years ago in 1996 by a group of parents who believed in the importance and value of children being educated together in an environment where everyone was equal and pupils were not labelled by religion or academic ability depending on the uniform that they wore.

The ethos at North Coast Integrated College is child centred- that means that everything that we do at the College is focused on what will achieve the best outcome for our pupils.

Experience has taught us that children can learn with, from and about each other. Our promotion of equality and good relations extends to everyone in the school and to their families regardless of their religious, cultural or social background.

We have educated pupils with a wide range of abilities for over 20 years. Our curriculum allows pupils in the same year to study a wide range of academic subjects or the more vocational skills based subjects such as animal care, hairdressing or motor vehicle. The flexibility of our curriculum means that pupils can study the academic route, the vocational route or a wonderful, personalised mixture of the two.

We offer a grammar stream within the school to cater for students who are able to take on more challenging subjects. Our child centred approach is the reason why we do not insist on transfer testing but use the assessments used by Primary schools to accept pupils into the grammar pathway.

One of the strengths of our integrated education and our success in educating children together is that we encourage and foster every opportunity for children from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds to understand and value their own traditions and to develop knowledge, respect, understanding and appreciation of our common culture. This is done by encouraging constructive discussion and debate both inside and outside the classroom.

We strive to ensure that all pupils are equally cherished, nurtured and respected. Our staff are exemplars and superb role models in working with children and mentoring them to be the best they can be. Pupils are enabled to build their self-confidence and self-esteem as they progress through school in a world which offers many confusing and contradictory messages.”

Anyone who missed the Open Evening, or who has any further questions, is invited to contact the Principal on 02870329026. Appointments can also be made at the school office to arrange a tour.