Successfully Educating Children Together

Our mission statement "SUCCESSFULLY EDUCATING CHILDREN TOGETHER" is at the very core of all that we do here at North Coast Integrated College.

At North Coast Integrated College, we embrace the Principles of Integrated Education. We believe that young people of all religious, social and cultural backgrounds, regardless of ability, race, gender or sexual orientation have a right to an education which respects and gives expression to their individual identities, while providing opportunities for them to explore the diversity of the world in which they live. Here, pupils respectfully learn together.

North Coast Integrated College opened its doors for the first time in September 1996. Two years previously, in 1994, local parents formed a steering committee to ascertain what interest there was for an integrated post primary school in the local area. The school needed an intake of sixty pupils in its first year to meet the criteria of new school status and to secure accommodation. The vision and determination of the founding members was rewarded with an intake of eighty –four! This figure has grown year on year to a current figure of over five hundred students. This clearly highlights the on-going support, need and desire for integrated education within the local community.

North Coast Integrated College provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for all of our pupils, who can choose to follow grammar or all ability pathways. The strength of the ethos is characterised by the commitment of all the staff to integration and pastoral care at the College is second to none, being described during the most recent ETI school inspection ‘excellent’. There is dedicated provision for pupils with special educational needs and a positive and proactive approach is taken to ensure that early intervention strategies are in place.

The College offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities for the pupils, including netball, hockey, Gaelic, football, gardening club, dance, film club and climbing, with our state of the art climbing wall. These clubs, and many more besides, are all taken by specialist coaches and teachers. The school boasts a dedicated library; and music, sport and drama are very important parts of the fabric of the school.

The school benefits from a supportive Board of Governors, a very active Parent’s Council known as the Friends of North Coast, and excellent partnerships which exist between staff, governors, parents and children.

At North Coast Integrated College we aim….

• to pursue the highest academic standards by offering a broad and innovative curriculum allowing students to experience success, with a balance between academic, creative, sporting and vocational development, • to provide opportunities for children from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds to value their own traditions and to develop knowledge, respect, understanding and appreciation of their common culture, • create a positive moral environment based on tolerance, openness and fairness, to enable students to develop a high standard of moral reasoning, • adopt a ‘child-centred’ approach to learning and teaching, treating children as individuals and developing their self-esteem, • ensure that all pupils are equally cherished, nurtured and respected, • operate an effective pastoral policy based on clear procedures and open communication, • foster positive relationships between staff and parents and the wider college community.

Appointments can be made through the school office [ 02870329026] to arrange a tour.