North Coast Integrated College hosts Coleraine Cluster Concert

The Coleraine Extended Schools Cluster concert took place on the 12th of April. This year North Coast Integrated College had the pleasure of being the host school. The concert aims to provide children of all abilities and ages with the opportunity to take part in a public performance without the pressure of a more formal event. Each school runs extra-curricular clubs or activities during the course of the year with the aim of celebrating the children’s efforts in an end of year concert. This year items included a nursery school choir, individual poetry recitals, choirs, instrumental music, traditional dance, modern street dance, a Makaton signing choir, and a drama performance.

As always, the students and guests attending the event expressed their enjoyment throughout the concert with enthusiastic applause and afterwards, when refreshments were served, with comments about both the quality of the performances and the benefits for the children. Mr Wilkinson, the coordinator of the Coleraine Cluster activities and organiser of the concert, was very pleased to have received a number of compliments from parents and guests from the community about the friendliness and helpfulness of the College staff and specifically, the 6th form students who were involved in both welcoming people to the concert and in providing refreshments.