Astounding A Level Success!

Pupils at North Coast Integrated College have achieved fantastic results - there’s no other way to say it! 67% of our pupils achieved 3A* - C grades. This success at post 16 is exemplary and was commended in our latest inspection report from April 2018, ‘at post-16 the proportion of pupils attaining three or more GCE A Level, or equivalent at grades A*- C has doubled in the last three years, and is well above the Northern Ireland average……’ [Eti 2018] This year sees the trend continue and the results have in fact improved a further 2% from last year. Well done to all of our students and staff and thank you to our parents for all your support.

The results highlight all that is good about North Coast Integrated College. We offer a variety of academic and vocational subjects and we celebrate in the achievements of all of our students in their chosen pathway - it is what makes us different.

Our pupils have a wide range of interests and expectations about what they will achieve from school, and a key part of our role is guiding them along the individual academic path that suits them best. Every pupil is different and our success is in educating each of them together, with full knowledge of their individual strengths.

Education is about so much more than results, it is about life experiences along the way - the extra-curricular and sporting opportunities as well as the friendships, and growing up together.

“We are so proud of all our pupils - we are as delighted for the 3A*s as we are for the 3Cs. This is what is so special and unique about integrated education at North Coast - the achievements and the talents of every one of our pupils are celebrated here,” said North Coast Chairperson, Ellie Byrden.

Acting Principal, Angela Passmore, commented, “Our ethos and our strength is that we educate children of all abilities. Some pupils we would expect to achieve the top academic grades and, for other students we would expect them to achieve and pass with good grades. We know our pupils, we know how to guide them and get the very best out of them. We help them make the right choices and achieve qualifications that set them on the right career path.

The teachers at North Coast Integrated work tirelessly for the pupils. One of the areas that I get great satisfaction from is looking at the leavers’ destinations - where they end up. This, for me, highlights what we do best - knowing our pupils, providing them with very best careers guidance and academic support to ensure that they achieve their goals.”

Mrs Passmore continued, “Our young people are under so much pressure and it is to their great credit when they achieve so well. We are proud of their achievements and perhaps even more importantly, that they are comfortable in their own skin, that their mental health and well-being remain sound and they are happy in school. A massive congratulations to every single one of our pupils!”