European Day of Languages

Languages Day at North Coast Integrated College:

On Wednesday 26th September students and staff celebrated European Day of Languages. The day began with assembly, where everyone listened attentively to the guest speaker Dr. Stanley Black who talked about the importance of languages and banishing the myth that you can be too old to learn a language – you are never too old!!!

The College was decorated with brightly coloured flags and posters which served to highlight the diversity of the continent in which we live. The corridors were serenaded by wonderful music in many different languages.

At break and lunch the canteen staff organised a fantastic French breakfast and equally impressive internationally themed lunch for the students. Not to feel left out, the staff were also treated to croissants and coffee in the staff room.

Students took part in a quiz which sent them on a quest to find at least ten different ways of saying hello in different languages. This process was helped by the fact that all staff wore stickers and greeted their classes and, all those they met in a range of languages. The prize winners will be revealed at next week’s assembly!

Throughout the day individual subjects made languages the focus of their classes from learning about the German scientist who created the Bunsen burner to funny translations in different languages in English. During Form Time, students learned how to say integration in many different European languages.

European Day of Languages fits in perfectly with the integrated ethos of our school. The day was all about promoting tolerance, respect and celebrating diversity.

Pictured is Dr Stanley Black (UUC), who delivered an assembly at the College, with NCIC students on European Day of Languages on Wednesday 26th September.