Christmas 2018 Letter

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Apart from my hair...or lack of it; there have been a few changes this term. I am delighted to have been appointed Principal. Ursula Henry is moving into the Bursar’s role and Roisin Lyons has joined the secretarial staff.

Integration works

The recent announcement by the UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, that HM Treasury would invest a further £66 million in capital infrastructure for mainly integrated schools in Northern Ireland is a triumph of perseverance and partnership. Integration works. As children and young people prepare to live and work in a global, multicultural society the benefits of educating children together is clear.

Integrated schools in Northern Ireland are not started by government but by the determined work of parents, the founder governors. We need your help to ensure that the work of these parents and the commitment in the Good Friday Agreement, and in law, that integrated education is ‘encouraged and facilitated’ is upheld in the Coleraine area. Exciting times ahead!

Parental Involvement

The best outcome for your child will be achieved when school and home work together. We all want the same thing- please keep in contact and let us know if you have any concerns about your child’s progress or happiness in school. Your support is not only appreciated, but it is essential.

There are several ways to make contact: through the pupils’ diary, by phone or by email. Usually the form teacher is the first point of contact.

Communication with school

If you do not receive text messages from the College, please contact the school with your mobile number. Text messaging is a very effective way for us to communicate quickly and effectively.

Christmas Wish List

Sometimes, everyone needs reminded about the importance of reading. A good book or Kindle on Christmas morning is a gift that will give a few hours away from Xboxes, Play Stations and phones, and will mean so much more. Did you know that you can register on line with the Northern Ireland library service and download books for free?

Year 12

Pupils who are taking their GCSE module exam on Tuesday 8th January should be in school on Monday 7th January from 9:30am to 11:30am for a revision session. All other pupils school start back on Tuesday 8th January.

Macmillan Cancer

Thank you for all your support this term; we have raised an amazing £2,797 for Macmillan Cancer.

And finally

On behalf of all the staff and governors we wish that your home is filled with the joy of the Christmas season. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Angela Passmore