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Key Stage 3

‘Successfully Educating Children Together’

Key Stage 3 (Years 8, 9 and 10)

At Key Stage 3 the Curriculum places emphasis on the totality of pupils' experiences; the aim of which is to empower young people to develop their potential by providing life-long learning skills, capabilities and motivation.

Our pupils have opportunities to be actively involved in practical, open-ended learning experiences which develop visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Pupils are encouraged to work in partnership with their teachers and peers to set clear objectives for their work.

Pupils at North Coast IntegratedCollege are given the opportunity to develop effective personal and interpersonal skills, such as self –management, which are infused through the Curriculum. At North Coas Integrated College we place an emphasis on working with others. In our changing society we believe that our pupils are given the opportunity which will allow them to strive for personal excellence.

The Areas of Learning

  • The Arts

  • English

  • Environment and Society

  • Mathematics with Financial Capability

  • Modern Languages

  • Physical Education

  • Science and Technology

  • Religious Education


Pupils also study the Learning for Life and Work strands of Personal Development, Employability and Home Economics. Citizenship is taught through History. Pupils and teachers have found this novel way of delivering Citizenship through History makes the subject more enjoyable and relevant to today’s ever-changing society.

ICT classes are taken by all pupils and the skills developed in these lessons are reinforced through further application across a range of subjects. All pupils in Year 10 are entered for CCEA ICT Accreditation Certificate.


Revised Curriculum - Click Here

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