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Sixth Form Admissions

At North Coast Integrated College, we are committed to the pursuit of personal excellence and encourage our students to thrive in a caring, respectful and supportive environment, where they can develop the skills and confidence which will serve them throughout their lives. We place great importance on offering personalised advice and support on higher education and career options to ensure students leave us with the skills and qualifications to succeed both professionally and personally.

The basic entry requirement for Post-16 study is 5 GCSE’s at grades A*-C.

Please select a maximum of one subject from each block, and 3 subjects in total. It is recommended that all pupils study 3 A levels, although 2 or 4 A levels

may be allowed in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the school.

*If you wish to study Double Award Travel & Tourism you must also choose the Singe Award Travel & Tourism in Option 4.

**If you wish to study Double Award Applied Science you must also choose the Single Award Applied Science in Option 1.

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