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Parent Forum

Overview of Parent’s Forum Aims and Objectives

NICouncil of Integrated Education Statement of Principles

“must seek to secure and sustain deep parental participation in the life and work of the school, and in particular in its government, in the formulation of its policy, in the creation of a working partnership with the teaching staff, and the promotion of good relations with the local community”

The purpose of North Coast Parents’Fourm:

  • Welcome new parents to the College

  • Encourage parental involvement in the life of the College

  • Foster relationships between the College and its local community

  • Organise activities which support and provide resources for the College

  • Promote North Coast IC as an integrated all-ability, co-educational College

  • Support the teachers and staff


How can you make a difference?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the Parents’ Forum:

  • Attendance at Forum meetings which are held monthly

  • Attendance at College events

  • Use your skills/experience to contribute in a specialised way to the school community

  • Support fundraising activities


The Parents Forum is interested in establishing teams of parents as “community partners” who can assist in the development of community links, educational visits, guest speakers and issues of interest to the wider school community.

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